UK study shows why TV advertising isn’t dead

UK study shows why TV advertising isn’t dead

    TV ADVERTISING WORKS: A new UK study has found television advertising is the “safest” advertising investment.

    In this highly digital age, we are increasingly asking questions about whether television advertising is still effective and worth the investment. Therefore, it’s not a surprise digital experts have been pondering the same question. To set the record straight Thinkbox — UK’s marketing body for commercial television — commissioned a study to see where your valuable advertising dollar is best spent.

    UK researchers accessed the results of more than 2000 campaigns over the past three years and found television advertising accounted for 71% of the total ad-generated profit in comparison to print, online, and radio advertising.

    When considering the results in terms of return on investment for dollars spent. The study found every $1.75 spent on TV advertising, generated $7.34 in profit. 

    In summary, researchers found it was  the ‘safest’ (lowest risk) advertising investment.

    Interestingly, online video usage is skyrocketing and research shows an increasing number of people (70%) are dual-screening.

    Google reports two-thirds of YouTube users watch YouTube on a second screen while watching TV at home.

    And 87 percent of 16 to 34 year olds admit they use a mobile device while watching TV.

    For advertisers investing in TV it means they’re ads can trigger online searching and drive audiences to social media.

    Across Australia the average person (14+) spends 18 hours a week watching television and yes, that number has decreased since 2004 (where Australians were spending 22.5 hours a week watching television). However, television still remains the top entertainment used at home.