The importance of having a good spokesperson

    Investing in a media-trained spokesperson is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Spokespeople can include CEOs, executives, experts, any go-to people for interviews, or anyone who is called upon by the media to comment.

    It’s critical that you select someone who understands how to clearly convey your message to the media, especially during a crisis. A great spokesperson can make the difference between a positive reputation for your business and a bad one. 

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    So, what is the importance of a good spokesperson? 

    A good spokesperson:  

    Understands the media 

    A good spokesperson should be media trained with a strong understanding of how the media works and how to communicate with the media. Understanding the media and a journalist’s role teaches you how to communicate with them effectively in any medium (television, radio, print, and online). A media-trained spokesperson understands what makes a great news story and has the skills to take part in an interview and use the media coverage to their advantage. 

    Delivers your key messages 

    A good spokesperson is strategical, they understand what they want to say and how they want to say it. Before addressing the media or the public, a good spokesperson has already identified key messages they want to convey. Key messages should be short, succinct, and unique to the organisation.  A journalist won’t be afraid to ask difficult questions, but a good spokesperson uses bridging techniques to navigate the most difficult interview questions whilst remaining ‘on message’. They can seamlessly transition from tough questions back to the territory they want to cover. 

    Speaks with clarity 

    When presenting or being interviewed a good spokesperson remembers the 3 c’s – be calm, concise, and confident. This way they have control of the situation while appearing credible. Using relevant and easy-to-understand facts and statistics also strengthens their presentation and helps to support their key messages. 

    Is prepared 

    A good spokesperson is well prepared. Before an interview, they have already thought about all the questions that could be asked and developed an answer for them. They keep their answers interesting and accurate. Media training will help you prepare for whatever situations may occur and teach you to answer those difficult questions with confidence. 

    With the 24-hour news cycle and social media constantly on the watch, everything that we say or do can be scrutinised by the media and the public. So, it’s never been more important to have a media-trained spokesperson. A good spokesperson is a highly skilled communicator who understands the media and knows how to stay on message. 

    Fortunately, these skills can be taught. 

    Through media training with a PR Agency like Adoni Media, you will be equipped with the skills needed to promote, and protect your people, your brand, and your reputation..  

    If you want to be a great spokesperson, the team at Adoni Media can help. To take the next step connect with us.