How to use PR to promote a charity

    Charities and not-for-profit organisations rely on public support to survive through donations, volunteers, or philanthropists.

    Raising awareness is key to the success of a charity and/or fundraising campaign and PR can help do just that.

    How to use PR to promote a charity

    So, how can you use PR to promote a charity?

    Effective PR for a charity

    Many people think PR is just for big businesses and corporates with big budgets. But, it can also be a very effective tool for charities and have a big impact on their fundraising success.

    For a charity, the main objectives of any strategy are connecting with their target audience, building brand awareness and trust, and educating people about why donations are needed – and that’s where PR can help.

    With limited funds to spend on advertising and marketing, charities rely on PR strategies to grow their brand, have their story told, and to get their voices heard.

    As a PR agency, Adoni Media has been the trusted PR partner of a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations for many years. From launching and promoting the Salvation Army’s two major fundraising events of the year, the Red Shield Appeal and the Christmas Appeal, supporting Queensland-based projects for Mission Australia, and to Just Like Jack’s 8-day epic endurance run to raise money to help children living with a disability.

    3 ways how PR can support a charity

    For a charity to be successful, they need the support of others. PR support can come in three different ways:

    1. Support a calendar of events: Strategically release relevant, timely, and engaging media releases and content throughout the campaign period.
    2. Support from an ambassador: Use a celebrity or influencer, who embodies the charity’s values, to help generate awareness through their fan base.
    3. Support local stories: Case Studies are a great way to showcase the work a charity does and to help encourage donations.

    Adoni Media Clients

    The Salvation Army

    Adoni has supported The Salvation Army since 2019 by creating hundreds of news stories throughout Queensland on TV, radio, online and in print. Through fundraising events, launches, and the release of research data, we found localised angles and case studies to promote the Salvos to millions of Australians.

    Mission Australia

    Throughout 2021, Adoni Media supported Mission Australia with PR activity around the release of key research and the launch of ground-breaking programs to target youth and older women facing homelessness. Long-form radio interviews, print, and television coverage from Cairns to Brisbane and Toowoomba to the Gold Coast helped to raise awareness of the impact of COVID-19 on different demographics across Queensland and beyond.

    Just Like Jack

    During an 8-day Point to Pinnacle endurance run from the top of Tasmania to Hobart, Adoni Media organised localised media events to build brand awareness and donations for Just Like Jack, a charity dedicated to helping children living with disabilities experience adventures they never thought possible. The Adoni team secured media coverage throughout Tasmania as well as nationally to help raise more than $30,000 to buy specialised running wheelchairs.

    The Adoni Media team is persistent in our drive to support our client’s worthy causes and we are known for delivering quality and creative communication strategies that yield results.

    To start promoting your charity or not-for-profit organisation, contact us