#Metoo takes on Mozart’s Don Giovanni opens in Brisbane

    Opera Queensland’s production of Mozart’s iconic Don Giovanni has opened in Brisbane for a strict two-week season.

    Don Giovanni examines the theme of sexual misconduct – a topic which has been at the forefront of social consciousness in 2018, with the #metoo movement.

    #Metoo takes on Mozart’s Don Giovanni opens in Brisbane

    Despite it being written 200 years ago, Director Lindy Hume said the opera took on increased meaning in light of current events.

    “This particular moment is an amazing moment for the women’s movement and for people to look at relationships between men and women and consider them in different ways,” Ms Hume said.

    “When you look at a piece like Don Giovanni with a character who is a famous philanderer, a famous womaniser, you look at it in a different light when you’ve been through the #metoo movement.

    “Don Giovanni is someone who is fantastically charismatic and fantastically driven and very, very compelling but also really dangerous – and I guess we’ve seen those people in the forefront of contemporary media with the Weinsteins and the Trumps of the world so we’re bringing a bit of that into the show.”

    One of the highlights of the performance is a scene in which Brisbane locals appear on stage to drag Don Giovanni to hell as retribution for his life of depravity.

    “The women who volunteered to be in this show are either naked or semi naked and we have all ages, all shapes and sizes, all cultural backgrounds and they’re the most magnificent, heroic women and they’re so brave.”

    The role of Don Giovanni is being performed by one of the rising stars of international opera, Englishman Duncan Rock, who is making his Australian debut in Brisbane.

    Set in Victorian London, Opera Queensland’s production is visually spectacular. Adoni Media had the pleasure of filming the final dress rehearsal at QPAC ahead of opening night on Friday 19 October.