From our interns: Lucy’s experience

    Interning at Adoni has been one of the most enjoyable learning experiences of university life so far!

    I study a Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) and Bachelor of Laws at QUT, and the end of my fourth year is looming. I have plenty of experience in the legal field, but realised I’d hardly learned anything about PR outside the classroom. I knew I had to get an internship.

    It’s difficult to know where to start when looking for your first experience in media, but I did what any millennial would and turned to the internet for answers.

    The internship

    Little did I know that a simple Google search for ‘PR firms Brisbane’ would end up with me learning the science behind why the search results came up in the order they did (SEO anyone?) or why the ads on my social media were so weirdly specific to me.

    And how could I have foreseen that I would have been thrown straight into campaigns for some pretty big clients? I enjoyed every task, from brainstorming key dates and events, drafting interview questions, putting together press lists and writing media releases.

    A necessity for any PR professional is strong writing skills, and I have felt mine improve astronomically in my time at Adoni. Having now written for various clients, who each required different voices, article lengths, and keywords, I can confidently complete any writing task I’m given with accuracy and speed.

    From our interns: Lucy’s experience

    The team

    Despite all the incredible things I’ve learned, the best part of my time at Adoni has been working with the team. Everyone is so supportive and ready to help. While completing internships at other companies, I have been afraid to ask questions, but that has not been the case at Adoni at all.

    As an intern at Adoni, I received honest, friendly and prompt feedback, which has allowed me to refine the skills I have learned both here and at university. My ideas were welcomed and listened to, which, as an intern, was super exciting!

    Each member of the team brings such diverse and amazing experiences, making Adoni the perfect place to intern. I would not hesitate to recommend an internship at Adoni to anyone (I’ve actually already pushed so many of my friends to apply!).

    I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity while still studying, and can’t wait to take the lessons I’ve learned at Adoni Media out into the professional world!