Internship at Adoni Media: Annie’s Experience

    I was fortunate enough to Intern for well-known PR agency, Adoni Media for four weeks and it did not disappoint. The internship was equal parts challenging, as I was exposed to new PR practices, as well as an opportunity to practise skills learned in university as I gained ‘real world’ experience from such an exceptionally experienced and friendly team.

    During my internship at Adoni Media, I was exposed to new styles of writing, how to effectively research and monitor the media, whilst working for a diverse range of clients – from not-for-profits to some of Queensland’s largest organisations.

    Each day bought a unique set of experiences and tasks which not only enhanced my skill set but also provided me with invaluable insights into the PR and communications industry, ultimately improving my employability for after university.


    Build professionalism

    The well-structured internship program at Adoni allows interns to gain a wide array of professional skills which simply came from being in an authentic office environment. I was exposed to various client work in progress (WIP) meetings which effectively allowed me to see the proper way to engage with clients, how to write a PR plan, fact sheets and media kits. These invaluable skills are often absent from university teachings, making an internship program like Adoni’s truly indispensable.

    Just by simply observing, under the guidance of my experienced mentors, I had the invaluable opportunity to familiarise myself with various platforms such as Telum and Otter. As I absorbed this knowledge, I was slowly learning more skills that I can incorporate into my so called “PR Toolbox.”

    Improve PR and communication skills

    I have often said to my family and friends that I have learned more at my internship experience than I have in my whole three years at university. This might seem like an exaggeration, but I have certainly acquired a true sense of what PR professionals achieve on a daily basis and the ins and outs of the industry.

    Whilst I have learned a lot from the traditional, academic style writing, it may not always be the best writing style when crafting media releases or creating content for clients. Adoni has taught me to tailor my writing to meet the diverse needs and demands of their clients, ensuring that their messaging resonates authentically and effectively with their target audience.

    Among the numerous valuable skills cultivated during my time there, the ability to write effectively stands out as the most valuable asset in the field of PR. As an intern, my time at Adoni served as an opportunity to really enhance my writing skills.

    Experienced and friendly team

    There is nothing more daunting than entering a workplace and not knowing anyone, but Adoni made me feel right at home. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to work with. All of whom are extremely intelligent, with a wealth of knowledge, but most importantly super kind and friendly.

    This supportive nature allowed me to openly ask questions, clarify my tasks or simply spark a casual conversation with any of the team. Without this, my experience would have been vastly different.

    Thanks to Adoni’s internship program, I felt as though my confidence has thoroughly improved and I am better equipped to take on the challenges and realities that lie ahead as I plan to enter the industry next year. An internship at Adoni has proven to be an enriching experience, providing abundant opportunities for professional and personal growth.

    If you are approaching the end of your university degree and are looking for an opportunity to be both challenged and practise your skills before entering the workforce, then Adoni is for you. I can’t speak more highly of them. Don’t hesitate, send your cover letter, resume, and some writing examples to: [email protected].