Instagram ‘Like Count’ feature hidden from Australian users

    Have you used the Instagram ‘like count’ as part of your social media strategy in the past? Instagram has recently commenced a trial to hide ‘like counts’ in several countries including New Zealand, Canada and Ireland, with Australia being introduced to the trial late last week.

    Users in Australia are now unable to see how many likes a post receives in attempt to improve the Instagram experience, according to an Instagram spokesperson.

    Instagram ‘Like Count’ feature hidden from Australian users

    Our digital team have answered some FAQs on how this will impact your business and social media strategy.

    What will my followers see?

    Consumers browsing Instagram will no longer be able to see how many likes other accounts have received on images and video posts. Instead, above the caption will read “liked by ‘User Name’ and others.”

    What will I see?

    You will still have access to your reporting tools such as Insights and Ads Manager, meaning you can still see your own likes and engagement statistics. The Paid Partnerships tool will also be visible so brands can view engagement on partnered posts.

    TIP: Make sure your Instagram account is set up as a business account! If it isn’t, you will be unable to access your insights through the above listed tools. If you need assistance in doing this, we can help.

    Will it impact my reputation?

    Managing Director Leisa Goddard says business owners should not fear the change.

    “Hiding the like count removes the pressure of achieving a set number of likes,” Leisa said.

    “It lessens the contest between competitor accounts so you can focus on building an authentic following and producing quality content for your audience”.

    If you’re concerned about your follower count disappearing, there’s no reason to worry. It has been stated Instagram has no plans to hide the follower count anytime soon.

    Will I still be able to measure engagement?

    Some of the best ways to measure engagement don’t even involve the ‘like’ button. We like to use the below metrics to assess quality and compare results from our social media campaigns.

    Post Engagement Rate: Total interactions divided by your follower count

    Impressions: Total number of times your content appeared on others’ feeds

    Reach: Total number of accounts who saw the content.

    Are the likes gone forever?

    For now, the hidden like count will only be temporary, with Instagram to respond to feedback received over the trial period to determine whether the changes will be permanent.

    If you are confused about the changes, want to know if Instagram is the right platform for your business, or need help with your social media, get in touch with us today.