How to write a company announcement

    In business, a company announcement is used to share important information with employees, customers, the media, and the public.

    But for publicly listed companies, informing investors, shareholders, and the public about their latest company news is a regulatory requirement.

    So, whether your company is legally required to or not, company announcements form an important part of your PR strategy. And if that announcement is good news or about your latest business success, it can be turned into a media release.

    Releasing your company announcements to the media can lead to positive media coverage that highlights your achievements, shares your current activities, and helps to build brand recognition and trust.


    Identify your target audience

    Announcements need to be tailored to the intended audience and written in a professional format. Before you start writing your company announcement take into consideration your audience – the people who are affected by it and those who need to know.

    Once you have identified your target audience it is important that you write in a voice that will connect with them.

    It’s also equally important to provide internal as well as external communications.

    So, you should have an internal PR strategy, that runs parallel with your external PR strategy, to keep staff and your board informed of the latest news and developments within your business.


    When writing a company announcement begin by stating the objective. Inform your readers what is going to be announced in the document. This should be followed by the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the topic being discussed.

    Company announcements should be written in an inverted pyramid structure. The critical information and essential facts should be included at the top of the message. The details can be expanded throughout the rest of the announcement.

    A good company announcement ‘front loads’ the important facts. Announcements that fail to include the important details that readers need to know cause additional questions that may lead to rumours, false information, and frustration.

    Edit for Clarity and Accuracy

    Before sending out your company announcement ensure that the details are accurate and that you are communicating the message clearly and succinctly. Your announcement should be well-edited to ensure there are no mistakes in the content.

    All important information, numerical figures, dates, times, and names must be checked to be factually correct and spelt correctly. Review the announcement to remove any grammatical and punctuation errors.

    Companies that keep investors, shareholders, and the public informed of their activities and tell the truth through company announcements will create a much better relationship with their stakeholders. A good company announcement must be tailored, well-structured, and accurate.

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