How to make the most of your internship program

    At Adoni Media, we’re proud to have an internship program where university students, or anyone interested in public relations can join our team to learn the “ins and outs” of the industry.

    If you’re an intern looking to make the most of an internship, here are a few of our tips.

    Ask questions

    We’ve all heard the phrase “there are no stupid questions,” and it’s certainly true when it comes to interning. Being surrounded by industry professionals provides the perfect opportunity to learn from the best so don’t pretend you know everything, have the confidence to ask!

    Our Managing Director, Leisa Goddard, says she invested a lot of time into a work experience when she was student.

    “You are interning to learn, and learning is an active process, so you’re fully encouraged to engage and ask plenty of questions,” she said

    Don’t be afraid to be part of the team

    A key component of an internship is being part of the office culture and being immersed with the team members and routine of the company.

    It can be easy to shy away from the fun activities or conversations in the office because you feel new to the team, but it’s important to break through that barrier in order to gain the full internship experience.

    You should approach the internship as if you are the newest employee to join the organisation, which you are!

    Don’t be afraid to accept a lunch invitation with co-workers, ask someone how their day is, if they have weekend plans or even just saying hello and a goodbye.

    As much as an internship is about building your skills, it’s also about connecting with like-minded people and networking – a very valuable skill in public relations!

    How to make the most of your internship program

    Be open to voicing your ideas

    A great insight many interns get throughout their time with a company is being part of strategic meetings and/or creative brainstorms.

    Quite often interns are brought in to observe the idea-creation process and see how team members bounce concepts off one another.

    However, also quite often, interns are given an opportunity to contribute their ideas and provide input towards developing concepts.

    To make the most of this opportunity, rather than sitting back and agreeing without thought, really use the critical thinking skills you’re taught at university and don’t be afraid to apply it in the real world. You may just have the idea the company wants to consider!

    “There’s no wrong answer as an intern, every answer you provide, whether it’s perfect or altered, is an invaluable learning opportunity that I urge you to take full advantage of,” Leisa said.

    If you’re interested in an internship with Adoni Media, email [email protected] with your resume, cover letter and examples of your writing.