From our interns: Taylah’s experience

    Being in my final year of a Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) and a Bachelor of Media & Communication with an in-house internship under my belt, I knew I wanted to experience agency life.

    On a late-night Facebook scroll a few months ago, I noticed a company called Adoni Media seeking PR interns. Intrigued by the name, I looked up their website and was immediately compelled to apply. With Leisa’s inspiring background and the diverse work the team had done for so many interesting clients, I knew Adoni was the agency for me.

    From our interns: Taylah’s experience

    The experience

    After a quick office tour and meeting the lovely team, it was straight to work. Being left with a list of articles to write seemed a little daunting; what if I didn’t finish my work fast enough? It didn’t take long for me to realise how relaxed the environment was. I felt comfortable working at my own pace and over time noticed my writing speed and skills improve.

    I felt truly immersed in the Adoni team. No one was out of ear’s reach, so it wasn’t uncommon to hear conversations happening across the office. This made it easy to reach out to Liv or Izzy if I had a question, or even Leisa when helping her out. I was also included in team work-in-progress meetings and was able to attend Milan’s office presentation on SEO (where I definitely learned a lot).

    While writing articles was a huge part of my work, it was by no means the whole experience. I got to research content and clients, write media releases and create media lists. I even tried my hand at designing infographics for social media, something new to me that I found myself enjoying.

    My advice

    I always imagined myself working in-house, as the thought of working with multiple clients at a time seemed difficult – especially the element of never knowing who you’re going to get. However, working for Adoni and their clients has opened my eyes to what agency life is really like.

    I ended up loving the variety of work and found myself enjoying writing for clients I never could have imagined myself working for. There are so many possibilities when working in PR, so I encourage other students to step out of their comfort zone and give themselves some variety in their work experience. The experience you gain from real-world internships simply doesn’t compare to university assignments.

    Whether you’ve lost track of your experience or you’re looking for your first, I highly recommend Adoni Media. I would like to thank the entire team for making me feel so welcome and allowing me to learn from them and grow as a PR professional.