How to leverage your media success

    Knowing how to leverage your media success is essential. Has your business been mentioned in a newspaper article? Or maybe one of your great PR stories has been published to a top online platform?

    Harnessing the power of Public Relations in your business can create opportunities for you to further enhance your presence in the media. Make sure everyone knows about your media wins!

    PR is all about seeking media opportunities across multiple platforms and knowing how to amplify wins to create even more exposure. But how do you do it, while juggling all the other responsibilities of a business owner?

    Our Managing Director Leisa Goddard, knows first-hand the importance of gaining media coverage in the PR world.

    “PR professionals are expected to generate more content than ever before, so when your media story gains publicity, leverage it to your advantage to grow your digital presence,” she said.

    Using third party endorsements, through influencers, editorials and articles, can increase your business’s credibility and brand awareness. You’ll also be doing the journalist a favour, as they’ll be receiving views of their story while you gain brand exposure.

    How to leverage your media success

    Here are five ways to leverage your media wins online.

    Email automations

    Email marketing automation is a powerful customer retention tool for businesses. It also creates an opportunity to share your media wins with your audience. Leveraging a media win this way will increase your expertise in the minds of your already engaged audience.

    Social media

    Social media is a great tool that allows you to humanise your brand and connect with your audience online. Use an attention-grabbing headline to draw your audience in and create a new banner for your social media profiles linking the media coverage on your website. Also be sure to share across all social media platforms to amplify the media story as much as possible.


    Share, share, share! Use both your business and personal profile to share the link to the story, driving traffic to the website. Encourage your friends and other followers to also share the story to increase your reach.


    Sharing the story on LinkedIn is a great way to leverage your media wins. You can use it to connect with someone new and share your knowledge with a different audience. Your media win may inspire others to get in touch with you.


    Create a new page on your website to share your media stories. Whether that be in the form of a link to the actual story, the media release you pitched or the logos of the media outlets who covered your story. Whatever it is, make sure your audience is aware of the coverage you gained. Don’t forget to hyperlink!