From our interns: Nawal’s experience

    During the final semester of my Master of Business (majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications) at QUT, I realised I needed to update and refresh my work experience. Almost serendipitously, within a few days of starting my search for an internship, a friend recommended I apply to the Adoni Media internship program. Applying for the internship was one of the best things I did for my development as a future industry professional.

    From our interns: Nawal’s experience

    The culture

    The team at Adoni Media are a close-knit bunch which may seem intimidating at first. However, I felt like I was a part of the team from the very first day. The team went out of their way to explain how things worked – often providing me with a keen insight into the deeper workings of PR in the real world.

    The work

    Adoni Media offers a suite of services including public relations, media training and digital marketing, which means as an intern I was able to experience a variety of tasks involved in agency work. I was given the opportunity to attempt and master tasks such as writing blog posts and press releases, social media planning, coming up with media training content and producing social media graphics.

    Often, there’s a pretty big gap between the knowledge you learn at university and actually applying it in the industry. Adoni Media bridged this gap for me – giving me tasks that catered to my interests and allowed me to flex the skills I’ve only learned in theory. There was not one moment where I was bored, restless or left to twiddle my thumbs.

    The learnings

    Feedback is important at Adoni, and you often get a lot of it. This feedback loop was so valuable to me as an intern as I was able to use it to improve the content I produced almost immediately. My takeaways from this experience are numerous – one of the most important being how to treat clients. Seeing first hand the level of care and respect the team at Adoni has for their clients and professional contacts set precedence for myself and how I wish to act in an agency. It’s definitely the little things that matter, especially in this industry.

    I think interning is incredibly valuable, particularly in this day and age where employers are looking for well-rounded individuals who have experience working in teams or a workplace environment. During my time at Adoni Media, I was able to develop a variety of skills that I can take with me into my future career such as time management, the ability to maximise efficiency and effective content writing.

    For anyone looking to build their skills in PR, communication, content writing or marketing in a supportive environment – I cannot recommend this experience enough. It was such a privilege to be able to learn from the experts at Adoni Media. Thank you for the learning opportunity!