From our interns: Isobel’s experience

    I had two bachelor’s degrees, three internship experiences and was working full-time as a Communications Officer. However, I knew there was more to learn and more to experience and I am continually searching for ways to further consolidate my public relations skills.

    Adoni Media followed me on Instagram, I clicked on their profile, and straight away I was drawn to the abundance of photos celebrating their staff and triumphs. Seeing this glimpse of admirable work culture, I was eager to know what it would be like to be a part of the team. A week later, a post appeared in my Instagram feed titled, “interns wanted”. I applied the next day and the rest is history.

    Here are my three important take-aways from my experience with the Adoni Media team.

    From our interns: Isobel’s experience

    The power of asking

    Being new and perhaps a little intimidated, the ability to ask questions can sometimes be suppressed. I learned very quickly that lack of discussion can hold you back from improving your skills. Every team member was happy to answer my questions and talk me through the requirements of particular tasks. Better yet, when I asked if I could be of assistance with jobs that were probably outside of scope for an intern, I was opened up to new opportunities for growth that I may not have experienced otherwise.

    The art of articulation

    A significant part of interning with Adoni Media is copywriting, a task that I have loved since school but on occasions I can doubt my writing style. Receiving feedback on my internal and external articles written for an array of clients was helpful as it allowed me to better understand different industries and the likes of brand messaging. “Keep it simple” definitely remains at the crux of PR and I will continue to stick by this mantra.

    The effectiveness of strong working relationships

    One of my favourite aspects of this experience has been the chance to witness the strong, fun and effective workplace relationships. It’s been awesome to see the dynamic between members, particularly in the midst of busy periods. I now understand why Adoni Media is an award-winning agency with tremendous success.

    Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to see you all again soon!