From our interns: Georgia’s experience

    As I entered my last year of a Bachelor of Journalism and Business Management, I was itching to get into a workplace and gain some real-world experience. I have an interest in journalism, business, content writing and marketing, so was eager to find an organisation that could offer me experience in all these areas. 

    I first heard Leisa Goddard speak on a panel at a Professional Networking night held at my uni. Hearing about how she got to where she is, her dedication to her career, and how Adoni Media offers more than the traditional PR firm was inspiring. I knew I had to apply as soon as internship applications opened.  

    From our interns: Georgia’s experience

    Real experience 

    Adoni offers such a wide range of services, so the team was able to make my internship  experience  unique to me and my interests. 

    One of the most insightful days of my internship was when I got to sit in on a client meeting. This was so interesting as I got to hear the team talk through an entire proposal in great detail. Not only was it good to learn about the ins and outs of each stage of the business plan and how the Adoni team planned on actioning it for the client but hearing the kind of language they used and seeing the rapport they built was incredibly valuable. I learnt the importance of communicating clearly, building relationships and being honest about expectations before any contracts are signed.   

    While observing a team at work during an internship is valuable, it’s another thing to have the opportunity to have a crack at doing the work for yourself. Working on social media plans, contact lists, media releases, blog posts and logo designs are all things I was given the opportunity to masterI received ongoing feedback throughout my internshipwhich has built my confidence in all these areas.  

    Real people 

    The team at Adoni Media made my experience memorable. There isuch a positive corporate culture and the entire team was so welcoming and helpful with any questions that I had. Everyone showed a genuine interest in getting to know me which made me feel like a true member of the team.  

    To anyone wanting real-world experience who is eager to learn from a dedicated, friendly, experienced and talented team of PR professionals, digital marketers, ex-journalists, media strategists and communication experts, I couldn’t recommend Adoni Media enough! 

    Thank you to Leisa and the entire Adoni team for allowing me to develop my skills and gain invaluable experience during my internship.