From our interns: Felicia’s experience

    Over the past three months, I’ve had the privilege of conducting an internship at Adoni Media within their digital marketing team. I’m a recent marketing graduate from Queensland University of Technology. When I first heard about this internship, I was beyond excited for the opportunity. This internship aligned very well with my studies and allowed me to gain a hands-on experience within the digital area.

    People often wonder if internships are worth it. I definitely think it’s worth it, especially with Adoni Media! They always provided me with a great environment to learn and develop my knowledge. Everyone at Adoni Media was very welcoming, approachable and knowledgeable. Even at times when I was unsure, or I thought I had asked a stupid question, they were always happy to answer and provided guidance when I needed it.

    From our interns: Felicia’s experience

    During my time as an intern, I was always learning. I was consistently exposed to a variety of tasks, from assisting with keyword research for SEO and gaining insight into Facebook Ads to content writing. This really allowed me to gain an in-depth experience utilising different digital tools. It was definitely a learning curve for me.

    It has been a pleasure being an intern at Adoni Media. I’ve enjoyed every minute working with everyone. Thank you.

    A worthwhile experience that has allowed me to gain the necessary skills for my future career.