After hours doctors help save life of Logan baby

    An after-hours doctor has saved the life of a Logan baby by discovering the child was suffering from a potentially deadly heart condition.

    Blake Shelford was 10 months old when she was diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot, a rare condition caused by a combination of four heart defects, following a visit from House Call Doctor.

    Blake’s mother Candice Shelford said the diagnosis came as a shock.

    “We had no idea she was that ill,” Ms Shelford said.

    “We’d taken her to see the GP twice, but nothing was picked up. One evening, I just knew something wasn’t right and called the after-hours service – the doctor walked in and picked it up straight away.”

    After hours doctors help save life of Logan baby

    Following the diagnosis and an appointment with a cardiologist, baby Blake was rushed to the emergency department when her condition worsened.

    She had life-saving surgery weeks later.

    “If the doctor who attended her that night had not picked it up – we could have lost her,” Ms Shelford said.

    “It’s heart breaking to think she had to wait this long – 11 months – to get help.”

    House Call Doctor’s Dr Deepak Rohella, who attended Blake, said he was happy to hear she’s doing well since his visit.

    “I’m so pleased to know young Blake is recovering well,” Dr Rohella said.

    “The important part is that she now has the help she needs to get better.”

    House Call Doctor’s State Manager Keith Jennings said the service prided itself on providing patients in Logan with a reliable after-hours service.

    “It warms our hearts to know that Blake and her parents now have more answers since Dr Rohella’s visit,” Mr Jennings said.

    “We’re honoured to provide a service which enables those in Logan who need medical help of a night-time, on weekends or during public holidays, to be treated in their own homes.”