From our interns: Emma’s experience

    In my final year of a Bachelor Business (Public Relations)/ Bachelor Media and Communication, and with a content/marketing internship under my belt, I wanted to gain more PR related experience.

    Adoni Media caught my eye as an established agency that would help me learn more about the PR industry out of the classroom.

    Working with Adoni

    Over the course of 10 weeks I covered a whole range of tasks that allowed me to put my skills to the test in a ‘real-world’ scenario. From writing media releases to designing infographics and working with Indesign and Canva, I was able to gain valuable experience across multiple areas.

    Nearly every day of the internship consisted of writing internal and external content for various clients. I can definitely say my writing skills have improved massively as a result, and I have appreciated all of the feedback I received.

    Being invited to attend a media training session run by Leisa and Clare was definitely a highlight of my internship. It was really fun to step out of the office and even though the training wasn’t aimed at me, I learnt a lot about how the media and journalism industries work.

    From our interns: Emma’s experience

    This internship challenged me in the best way possible, often putting me out of my comfort zone. Tasks like pitching news stories to journalists over the phone was difficult, however the supportive and encouraging environment at Adoni Media made me comfortable to give everything a go.

    Getting a taste of what it is like to work in a professional work environment was exciting. While learning practical skills, I also learnt a lot from observing everyone in the office. I was constantly kept up to date with the many different projects occurring and was able to gain knowledge about the PR industry and how an agency like Adoni Media operates.

    I am happy to say this internship has inspired me to pursue a career in the PR industry and I am thankful for the rewarding experience. I felt like I was a part of the Adoni Media team right from the beginning and am glad to have met such hard-working and dedicated professionals in the industry.

    I am grateful for Leisa and the Adoni Media Team for giving me this incredible opportunity to grow, and gain confidence, not only in my work, but in myself as an aspiring professional.

    I would highly recommend any journalism, media and communication, or public relations students seeking experience to consider applying at Adoni Media. Being able to translate the knowledge and skills from university into a ‘real-world’ workplace is a rewarding experience, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in my professional career.