From our interns: Derin’s experience

    As I entered the final year of my Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) degree, I’d already completed one internship and was most certainly eager for another.

    Interning is honestly my favourite part of studying because while I learn all my PR theories and techniques in a classroom, I also get to apply it to real-world clients and scenarios at the same time during my internships.

    So, I began searching for a great internship program with a strong and interesting company. Enter, Adoni Media! As I began to do further research on the company, Leisa Goddard’s story was very admirable to me and I just knew I had to experience life at this company.

    From our interns: Derin’s experience

    The Work

    I began client work as soon as it hit 9am on my first day and I was loving every minute of it! I wrote article after article, for client after client and let me tell you, my writing skills strengthened tenfold after 10 weeks.

    In addition, I was able to utilise my critical thinking and apply what I’d learnt at university in coming up with media opportunities and original content and contributing to client strategies. Sitting in on WIPs and strategic meetings where I was treated as I would be in an industry job, was definitely a great experience.

    I even developed a multitude of new skills in learning the ins and outs of digital marketing (SEO and backlinks), as well as delving into a variety of graphic design.

    Another aspect I loved was that Adoni’s managing team has a wealth of media experience and knowledge which meant that I was able to experience PR from a more journalistic point of view. This meant that I was able to gain knowledge that generally isn’t taught in a Business (PR) degree, on the media industry, which is incredibly beneficial to me.

    The Team

    The team is definitely what made my internship as fun, as enriching and overall as wonderful as it was!

    Going into the internship I felt very nervous and quite shy, but everyone was so open and friendly and so as the weeks went by, I felt very much at ease and like I had always been there.

    Every part of the office life, from the morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee runs with the team, to the lunch outings were made so much fun.

    Whether it be Leisa’s hilarious stories, Milan’s wild memes or Liv’s great PR advice, every day held something interesting with this team and I am super grateful to have experienced it all!

    As a whole, my time at Adoni was invaluable and I would recommend this internship to absolutely anyone and everyone!