EOFY 2023: How to maximise your media training budget

     As the end of the financial year (EOFY) approaches, businesses and organisations often find themselves evaluating their budgets and looking for opportunities to invest their remaining funds.

    One area worth considering, to help achieve your communication goals, is Media Training.

    Media Training prepares spokespeople to face the media and engage with journalists with confidence. It allows them to take the next step in advancing their career to become an effective spokesperson to prepare, promote, and protect their brand and reputation.

    In this blog, we explore the benefits of Media Training and show why spending your media training budget before the EOFY 2023 is a wise decision.


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    The importance of Media Training

    Media Training gives spokespeople the skills and techniques to effectively navigate the complex and challenging world of news.

    It enhances communication skills to help establish your key spokespeople for success in a PR campaign. Learning how to control a media interview and understanding how the media operates helps give spokespeople the knowledge they need to deliver key messages clearly, concisely, and with confidence. Knowing how the media works also maximises your media coverage by giving the skills on how to connect with your target audience.

    Issues and Crisis Management

    Media Training plays a vital role in preparing your organisation’s leaders, and its spokespeople to manage potential crises.

    By investing in Media Training before EOFY, your leadership team can be empowered with the tools to effectively manage media enquiries during difficult times. Your team will learn how to deliver clear, concise messaging and how to maintain composure under pressure, ensuring your organisation’s reputation remains intact, even in challenging situations.

    In particular, Media Training teaches ‘bridging’ techniques that allow spokespeople to stay ‘on message’ while answering difficult questions and how to stay calm while journalists use rapid fire interview techniques to trip them up so they say what they don’t want to say.

    Proactive and Reactive PR

    Media Training provides spokespeople with the confidence they need to maximise proactive and reactive PR opportunities.

    A well-trained spokesperson can significantly contribute to raising awareness for your brand and organisation. They will have the ability to effectively convey key messages, values, and unique selling points to the media and your target audience.

    By investing in Media Training before the end of the financial year, you can ensure your team is well-prepared to articulate your brand’s story, enhancing your overall brand image and visibility.

    Publicity opportunities that unexpectedly arise, known as reactive PR, require immediate action. And by being trained to be ‘media ready’, your team can have the confidence to seize on these opportunities effectively. Trained spokespeople are more likely to deliver compelling interviews, engage with journalists, and capitalise on positive media exposure, resulting in increased visibility, potential business growth, and a reputation as a thought leader in their industry.

    Thought Leadership

    In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead of the competition is crucial and one way to do this is by becoming a thought leader or ‘go-to’ commentator for the media.

    By investing in Media Training, spokespeople can respond to media requests promptly, provide insightful and articulate responses to become credible and reliable commentators, which helps differentiate your organisation from competitors.

    Investing in Media Training before the EOFY is a strategic decision that yields significant benefits for your organisation. From crisis management skills and brand awareness to maximising positive PR opportunity and improving media relations, Media Training equips your team with the necessary PR tools to successfully navigate the media landscape.

    So, make the most of your remaining budget by investing in Media Training today with Australia’s most experienced Media Training team at Adoni Media and reap the rewards in the months and years ahead.