2020 Social Media Business Trends

    Understanding how to effectively use social media to target consumers is one of the most successful ways to grow your business in 2020.

    While every business and professional will have a different social media presence, there are a number of trends that all social media feeds should adopt for a more successful 2020.

    2020 Social Media Business Trends

    Develop Community

    Businesses are constantly competing for space on audience feeds. Humanising and giving character to your brand is increasingly important to gain authenticity and stand out. Developing a community ensures that audience engagement with posts is meaningful.

    To do so, social media management should extend further than simply a like or share. Replying to comments and stimulating conversation encourages engagement on the post, which boosts its visibility on the site, and builds an authentic brand image.

    Posts can encourage further interaction with the brand by using links to the company’s website. This boosts engagement with the post on social media and drives traffic to the story.

    Post Visibility

    A major advantage to social media is word-of-mouth marketing. While post engagement drives a large portion of this, there are more tools for businesses to take advantage of.

    Engaging with other businesses through tagging posts and sharing content makes your content visible to the audiences of those brands. Also, consider partnering with micro-influencers and requesting they tag your social media in any posts to access that person’s audience.

    Businesses are able to pay a small fee to boost posts on Facebook. The site will often recommend boosting already popular posts to create a snowball effect in post visibility and engagement. This feature is accompanied by projected views and engagement statistics to assist businesses in optimising results.

    Content Mediums

    Tailoring your posts to each social media channel also develops unique feeds that stand out from businesses using reposts. High image quality and short videos are more valuable to Instagram than text-heavy posts while developing personality through short text is optimal for Twitter.

    Videos on social media are by no means an emerging trend, however, they remain the best way to boost social media engagement over photos or text posts.  Marketing videos are easily consumable on social media platforms with the ability to capture attention far better than other mediums.

    Finally, consider how to boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) on all platforms. This includes tagging other brands and sharing posts on Facebook and using trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Tagging for SEO optimisation should also be tailored to each social media channel for the highest success.