Lisa Ryan

Lisa is one of Australia's most experienced news advisors.

Media Advisor

Lisa is one of Australia’s most experienced news and documentary producers.

She is an award-winning storyteller and video producer who has worked at the highest levels of broadcast media covering national and international major events, controversies, and daily news.

As a former boss of national current affairs programs, she knows how to connect your brand with your audience.

When it comes to media and crisis communication, Lisa has the experience to provide guidance on how to respond to best manage the situation.

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Media Experience

Lisa is an award-winning journalist, former Queensland Bureau Chief of A Current Affair, and a senior producer for Sunday Night.

She has led major media investigations and exposed scandals nationally and internationally and produced documentaries for SBS and Sky News Australia.

Lisa was a Logie finalist for her work as a producer for Network Ten for coming under Taliban rocket attack in Afghanistan.

Media Management

Lisa understands deadlines, the pressure of a crisis situation, and the complexities of issues management, which require analysis and timely but strategic responses.

She uses her video and storytelling skills to help produce Video News Releases and can give strategic advice on what to say to the media and when.

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