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Smart Approved WaterMark was established nearly 20 years ago to certify water efficient products and services. Since then, the organisation has expanded to further support the water industry, local governments, households, and businesses to improve their understanding about where water comes from and how to conserve more and waste less.

As part of the expansion, it rebranded to The Water Conservancy and its CEO wanted media coverage around that rebrand.

A rebrand is not enough to secure interest from journalists so Adoni Media devised a PR strategy to focus media activity on the release of The Water Conservancy’s new research, and timed media activity to take place on World Water Day.

The research provided journalists with a “newsy” angle while the timing provided a reason to run the story now.


The Water Conservancy’s ‘Billions of Water Using Minutes’ Report contained results from across Australia, and while it took more time to prepare, localised media releases were distributed with information relevant to each state.

A national media release and industry-specific media release also helped to secure coverage across a range of news outlets.

Dozens of stories appeared nationally, including local radio in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast, Albany, and Ipswich. Television coverage was achieved in Perth, Cairns, Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, the NSW North Coast and across regional WA. National print coverage, including 9 News online and articles in trade rags like Utility Magazine also helped support the client’s goals for stakeholder engagement.

The strategy meant more than 900,000 people were exposed to a news story about The Water Conservancy, helping to raise brand awareness while subtly highlighting its rebrand.

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