The Great Australian Rip Off

A Government Relations campaign to expose the secret costs pushing up household bills

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“News broke at 11am. I did my first interview at 12:30pm and my last at 9:30pm. An opportunity that may have been missed with a less experienced team. Outstanding Adoni!”

– Trond Smith, Spokesperson The Great Australian Rip Off



Insurance companies have admitted to several official inquiries that Australians pay higher premiums because of secret commissions paid to commercial comparison websites. These admissions incensed Australian businessman and consumer advocate, Trond Smith, and inspired him to act. Ahead of the 2022 Federal Election, he commissioned Adoni Media to create a Government Relations campaign to lobby decision-makers for political change to clamp down on these hidden fees.

The goal of the integrated PR and Digital Marketing campaign, The Great Australian Rip off, was to raise awareness about the secret commissions, and mobilise voters and consumers to sign an online petition.

The petition automatically prompted submissions to the Federal Treasurer, the Opposition Treasurer, and local MPs. It was all in a bid to help cut the high cost of living by pressuring MPs to make election promises to end the secrecy and introduce penalties.


The Great Australian Rip Off campaign involved both proactive and reactive media strategies which generated national news coverage across TV, radio, online, and print, valued at almost half a million dollars and reaching more than 3.8 million Australians.

This news strategy was supported by a social media strategy across Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook which featured some of Australia’s top influencers.

One reactive media release, responding to breaking news about a commercial comparison website being fined in the Federal Court, generated more than a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of national news coverage in just one day.

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