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The Careers Department had two PR goals – exposure in a national newspaper and coverage in an education-specific column.

To achieve both, the Adoni Media team utilised the power of the exclusive. Research shows 76 per cent of journalists are more likely to cover a story if it is only offered to them. Exclusivity is particularly important when trying to achieve coverage in a national newspaper, and that was the PR strategy Adoni successfully adopted for The Careers Department pitch.


Adoni Media organised for new figures to be collated from The Careers Department’s own database and timed pitching to coincide with the launch of the organisation’s new Primary Schools Program.

The story was pitched as an exclusive to the Education Editor of The Australian. By offering the exclusive and organising a photo opportunity at a Sydney school, three separate stories were published. These appeared across the print and online editions of The Weekend Australian, reaching hundreds of thousands of Australians.

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