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“Having former journalists work with our internal team enables us to achieve coverage, angles, and VNR outcomes that would otherwise be impossible if we were to do this work solely in-house.

“In one year, we sent more than 30 media releases to both industry and mainstream media. Without Adoni’s help, this would not have been possible.”

– National Transport Insurance

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An annual fundraising campaign is a key event on the PR calendar of Australia’s largest transport and logistics insurer, National Transport Insurance (NTI).

 Each year, Adoni Media, as part of its PR partnership with NTI, works with the team to promote the campaign and drive fundraising to support research into Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

The PR goal is to generate media coverage about the annual raffle of what is usually a restored classic truck, promote the latest breakthroughs in MND research, and build on NTI’s reputation for engaging the transport and insurance industries in the fight to find a cure.


Since 2019, as NTI’s PR partner, Adoni Media has generated nation-wide media coverage with hundreds of news stories across regional and metropolitan TV, radio, newspaper, and industry publications.

The coverage – measured through independent media monitoring – has reached an audience of millions of people and helped drive record levels of fundraising. Adoni’s strategy delivered results during three phases of the campaign – launch, ongoing promotion, and announcing the winner.

Video News Releases (VNRs) were a successful PR tool in generating television coverage in every capital city as well as throughout rural and regional Australia.

The 2021 raffle of a truck named ‘Jolene’ raised a record $235,000 from direct ticket sales. Since NTI started the fundraising initiative in 2016, nearly $870,000 has been donated to researchers to try and find a cure for MND.

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