Australian tour of Irish dance rock spectacular

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To launch a national tour, Irish dance rock spectacular Eireborne required a public relations campaign to promote the show and drive ticket sales. 

Eirborne’s promoter and publicity team engaged Adoni Media to assist with PR and produce a Video News Release to create media coverage in each of the States and Territories where they were due to perform. 


As a PR agency, Adoni Media has extensive experience promoting the arts and was able to generate more than $700,000 in media coverage for Eireborne and reach an audience of more than 11 million people. 

A Video News Release (VNR) was filmed during a dress rehearsal ahead of the opening night in Melbourne. Cast and crew were interviewed about the show and asked to talk about each of the cities and regional areas they would visit during the tour. 

Adoni Media released the VNR and tailored, localised ‘grabs’ ahead of their performances in each of the States and Territories. 

Media was earned from Melbourne, to Perth, to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and Newcastle in New South Wales. 

Adoni’s PR team leveraged the celebrity status of cast members including Australia’s reigning three-time Irish dance world champion 19-year-old Liam Costello and ARIA-nominated hitmaker Reigan Derry to attract media attention. 

The PR campaign to promote Eireborne was a huge success.  

During the 26-day tour, more than 65 stories made headlines across television, radio, print, and online news sites. The cast of Eireborne also starred in segments on ABC News Breakfast and Studio 10.  

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