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“The best PR Agency we have ever worked with. Excellent professionalism and business driver understanding.”

– Sam Penny, Cheese Therapy



Cheese Therapy is a fast-growing, online retailer based in Queensland. Adoni delivers PR support to grow B2B and B2C engagement and build value in the business.

 In 2021, Adoni activated an urgent advocacy campaign to lobby Australia Post to immediately overturn a ban on perishable goods in the mail. With his business under threat, Adoni leveraged Co-Founder Sam Penny’s media profile, which we had spent years building, to generate immediate national media coverage.


Mr Penny became the voice for rural and regional food producers and small business operators around Australia. The messaging was framed as a David and Goliath battle to mobilise the public, influence the news agenda, and pressure decision-makers for change.

An Australia Post executive personally called Mr Penny within hours of national TV coverage, informing him the ban would not go ahead and inviting him to represent producers at an industry forum to find solutions to the complex regulatory requirements.

It was a win for thousands of small businesses in rural and regional areas, facing real financial loss.

Media coverage across 36 hours included two segments on Alan Jones who also lobbied decision-makers behind the scenes. The campaign helped position Cheese Therapy for a successful capital raise to expand and rebrand as Artisans Bend.

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