Leisa Goddard

Leisa understands what makes news, how to deliver an effective PR campaign, and the skills needed to be a confident media spokesperson.

Founder & Managing Director

A leader in Australia’s public relations industry, Leisa Goddard works daily with CEOs, senior executives, and internal corporate affairs teams to deliver media strategy on how best to promote their brand, protect their reputation, and manage a crisis.

The Founder and Managing Director of Adoni, Leisa is trusted by national and international corporations, ASX-listed companies, entrepreneurs, and Australia’s largest charities to provide strategy and communications advice.

A former foreign correspondent, war correspondent, international bureau chief, news reporter, and investigative journalist, Leisa has been using her extensive knowledge of the media in a PR capacity for the past decade.

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Media know-how

Leisa brings to corporate communications more than 30 years of real-world media experience. She understands the news cycle, what makes news, and how journalists operate, and that is invaluable in delivering strategic and influential PR and crisis management.

Through Adoni, Leisa’s knowledge and expertise allows corporates and industry leaders to connect with their audience, stakeholders, community, and government.

She has built Adoni to be an award-winning PR and communications agency, deliberately building a team of highly-respected fellow senior journalists and corporate affairs experts, who share her vision and commitment to honesty and integrity.  

Proven experience

Leisa continues to be a high-profile media contributor with regular on-air appearances across Sky News Australia. A former foreign correspondent, US Bureau Chief for Network Ten, and war correspondent, Leisa has worked for all three commercial television networks, including as an investigative journalist for A Current Affair and Today Tonight.

Leisa understands the pressure of live television and is a Logie finalist for reporting, while under Taliban attack and rocket fire, during the Afghanistan War.

As an award-winning journalist, Leisa covered some of the world’s biggest events from Hurricane Katrina in the US, to the 2005 London Bombings, terrorist attacks in South East Asia, a US Presidential Inauguration, Space Shuttle launches, major entertainment events, including the Oscars and interviews with celebrities and global leaders.

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