Leisa knows what makes news, what makes a media campaign work, and what the media needs in a spokesperson.

Foreign correspondent, war correspondent, nightly news reporter, investigative journalist and company director – Leisa Goddard knows the media and is making sure you do too.

Leisa Goddard has more than three decades of experience working and presenting news and current affairs for Australia’s three commercial television networks – experience that now guides PR strategy, advice and campaigns for Adoni Media clients.

From years as Network Ten’s United States Bureau Chief based in Los Angeles to New York, Europe, Indonesia and the Afghanistan war to politics, disasters and daily news at home across Australia – Leisa Goddard has recorded history as it happens.
Leisa knows what makes news, what makes a media campaign work, and what the media needs in a spokesperson.

Leisa is the journalist television networks would send to ask the hard questions – the very same questions many corporate executives and community leaders need to know how to handle.

She knows, from decades of experience, that media attention – particularly negative media attention – comes when you’re not prepared and it is swift and unrelenting.

As a journalist she’s covered Hurricane Katrina and the US Government’s handling of the disaster, the Virginia Tech Massacre in America, terror bombings across the globe, company collapses and political scandals.


From war zones to the red carpet at the Oscars

She’s Logie nominated for reporting while under Taliban rocket attack in the Afghanistan War and the United Nations has recognised her work on humanitarian issues. From war zones to the red carpet at the Oscars, Leisa has had to stay on message and present calmly, confidently, and concisely – the same expectations that are on the CEOs, CFOs, COO’s, and other industry and community leaders that she now trains.

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Beginning her career as a teenager, Leisa worked in newspapers in regional Queensland and understands how parochial media markets can be and why this is so important when it comes to media strategies.

From cadet journalist to sub-editor, Leisa at a very early age was a gatekeeper for information – deciding what stories would make it and what media releases would end up in the bin.

As a foreign correspondent she continued managing the news cycle, but on a larger scale and she still remains a “gatekeeper” with her work at Nine.

Leisa sees PR through the eyes of a journalist. She has, and still is, in the media industry and knows what works.

Now, she wants her clients to understand what works and more importantly how to be prepared if the media comes calling. To do that Leisa has created a PR and digitally savvy team whose main objective is to take control of your message.