House Call Doctor

7 August, 2017     Posted in: Client Features

From a start-up to the second largest in the country.

house call doctor

Around half a million dollars in “free” television, radio, and newspaper media has been created around House Call Doctor.

This was all thanks to Adoni Media’s expert understanding of what makes a news story and how to leverage that into publicity.

House Call Doctor is proof the power of an integrated, multi-media campaign can turn a start-up into a multi-million dollar house hold name.

House Call Doctor has gone from a single car operation in Queensland to becoming the second largest home visiting doctor service in Australia. All in less than two years.

The growth

Adoni Media’s Leisa Goddard and digital strategist Lisa Bourke drove the phenomenal brand awareness with a combined digital, online marketing and public relations campaign. This helped create a database of almost half a million patients.

Conversion rates for people visiting the website are at more than a third with 35% of people booking a doctor while Facebook posts are reaching nearly 300,000 people and engagement is high.

Why it was effective

To be effective, House Call Doctor must deliver strong, sharp messaging around choice, patient care and include a very clear call to action. Adoni’s digital media team creates the messaging and tracks the results and conversion rates of consumers, whilst simultaneously creating a user database.

Google has recently assessed the digital media strategy of House Call Doctor as one of the most effective it has seen. House Call Doctor has been featured on all three Australian television networks, on programs such as The Project, Channel 7 News, and WIN News.