What makes a good story

What makes a good story

    Every business wants publicity – but how can you get the media coverage you need to grow your audience and sales? What makes a good story?

    A good media story doesn’t necessarily talk about a company’s growth or the benefits of its products and services. A news story has to be more than a sales pitch in order to pique the interest of a journalist, and their viewers.

    Good public relations, is about asking the right questions to learn what is different about your business to find the right hook or angle to get publicity. Was your business established in a unique way? Who are the people behind the brand? Are you utilising new technology? Have you achieved success in an unusual way?

    Take for example the coverage Adoni Media recently achieved for Sydney author Courtney Peppernell. Ms Peppernell’s story wasn’t that she has written a book of poetry. It was that one of the poems in her book Pillow Thoughts was tweeted out by US band The Chainsmokers, resulting in her being “discovered” and becoming an overnight international success. It was quirky and different, and earned her a guest segment and live television interview alongside Ita Buttrose on Channel Ten’s national morning program Studio 10.

    For businesses launching a new product or services the ability to identify an interesting news angle is essential if they are going to make the headlines.

    Adoni media recently helped launch Brixn – a free app which offers a step-by-step guide to buying property. The media pitch focused on the people behind the business. A husband and wife duo who sold their own home to fund the development of the app, to help others purchase property. Thanks to that unique story they achieved State-wide television coverage which resulted in the app being downloaded more than 550 times in just one week.

    For us, getting to know a client’s story is one of the most important first steps in both branding and media strategy. You really do need to think about your story from the audience perspective. Find your story and tell it effectively and publicity will follow soon after.