Social Media Predictions for 2019

    With the new year approaching, we’re expecting to see new trends and major changes to the social media landscape in 2019.

    So, let’s take a look in our crystal balls to see what 2019 might mean for social media:

    Brands will drop their extra accounts

    In 2019, it’s predicted we’ll see brands choose to target specific audiences through only one or two social media platforms. Instead of trying to reach too many people in too many places, brands and organisations will focus their resources on where their main audience is.

    Instagram and YouTube will change the way we purchase products

    Gen Y’s purchasing behaviour will change the way people market products and travel destinations in 2019. This generation prefers the ‘word of mouth’ approach, where they seek ‘proof’ on social media before purchasing an item. Instagram and YouTube offer authenticity to audiences through image-based storytelling and well-planned content.

    What this means for companies, is that they will need to create user generated content (UGC), as social media will be present in every step of the buying cycle. Brands will invest in YouTuber and Instagrammer reviews (using “influencers”) to sell their products, as people are more inclined to trust honest reviews.

    Social Media Predictions for 2019

    A.I. will be used for searching

    Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa saw an increase of popularity through the introduction of in-home Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices such as Google Home, Apple Homepod and Amazon Echo. In 2019, it’s predicted that these AI services will be integrated with communications and change the way we search on social media.

    People are starting to use their voice instead of their hands to search. In fact, Comsource says that 50 per cent of all searches in 2020 will be through voice. Although it’s hard to say where AI will lead us, the best advice is to keep a lookout for new tech in the new year.

    Video will dominate social media

    This year, we have seen an increase in video content on our social media platforms. In 2019, it will be all about utilising visuals to engage consumers. According to experts, 90 per cent of what we view online will be video content.

    Live streaming will also continue to dominate in 2019, as 80 per cent of consumers prefer to watch a live video, rather than reading a blog. Marketers and PR officers can benefit from this trend by focusing on creating videos with the aim of communicating key brand messages to their audiences.

    Brands will take a stand

    It’s said that in 2019 we’ll see brands taking a stand on social issues. According to Edelman’s 2018 Earned Brand Report, consumers are increasingly preferring brands which have opinions on social and environmental issues.

    Brands will be taking advantage of this new movement and are likely to use social activism to market their products through storytelling. Storytelling will also be a trend in 2019. Nike’s successful equality campaign has paved the way for other organisations to inspire social change. Their message was simple yet effective, by wearing your Nike sports shoes or interacting with the brand on social media, you are showing your support for equality.