Podcast about first Aussie woman to row solo across an ocean

    With just her physical and mental strength to survive, 46-year-old Sydney woman, Michelle Lee will row a gruelling five thousand kilometres alone across the North Atlantic, in her attempt to become the first Australian female to row solo across any ocean.

    “It’s an event that will have me facing sea sickness, salt sores, blisters, capsizing, system failures, sleep deprivation, mental and physical fatigue, and I can’t wait,” Michelle said.

    The race starts on December 12 with rowers leaving La Gomera in the Canary Islands, to eventually finish in Antigua in the Caribbean. The race can take up to 90 days but Michelle is hoping to complete it in 55.

    Michelle said it’s been a challenge just getting to the start line and completing the race will be a dream come true.

    “There are moments where you actually do think, awe man, my life was so easy before this, but what comes from easy?,” she said.

    “My boat fully loaded and fully commissioned will weigh about a tonne, so every single stroke is tough. And for me, I take great comfort in that because it’s going to be my home for 50 or 60 days.

    Podcast about first Aussie woman to row solo across an ocean

    Michelle will row in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes over the race race and plans to row 14 hours a day.

    Logie-nominated journalist and Adoni Media Managing Director Leisa Goddard said she was proud to announce that the A While Away podcast was dedicated to tracking Michelle’s journey, with interviews, race updates and satellite phone check ins with Michelle and her team.

    “When we first heard about Michelle we thought, is this woman crazy?,” Ms Goddard said.

    “But we’ve seen the preparation that Michelle’s put into this and now, we know what she’s doing isn’t crazy, it’s incredible.

    “We decided to produce A While Away to take the world along on Michelle’s unbelievable journey, and episode one is now live,” Ms Goddard said.

    You can listen to A While Away and also view supporting video and information as we follow every step of Michelle’s record-breaking journey.