Now you see me, now you don’t

    World-famous magicians come to Brisbane

    World-famous magicians, The Illusionists, have appeared in Brisbane, bringing their dare-devil performance to QPAC.

    The seven magicians, including magic royalty Mark Kalin and Jinger Leigh, have arrived from Broadway for a strictly limited season in The River City.

    The Illusionists will read the minds of audience members, be stabbed with flaming swords and sliced in half, all in the name of entertainment.

    Now you see me, now you don’t

    Adoni Media was invited to interview cast members for a Video News Release ahead of opening night.

    Conjuress Jinger Leigh said despite their name, their tricks aren’t always illusion:

    “There is an element of danger in every single thing we do,” she said.

    “I have had some close calls, some scars, some singeing. I’ve almost been cut in half, for real.”

    The Illusionists are known for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by inventing new tricks and putting their own unique flair on the classics.

    “For example, I have an illusion where I cut my assistant in half,” Aussie Sam Powers said.

    “But we do it in a clear box so you can see through it the entire time, nothing is covered, and when that body separation happens, you can just hear audience jaws hitting the ground because no one in history has seen that before.”

    Mr Powers will join the troupe for The Illusionists’ performances at QPAC, were he will attempt a death-defying act, fighting to escape from a straight jacket as a flaming steel set of jaws closes, all while being suspended 30 feet above the stage.

    For those not sure what to expect from a magic show, he says: “This is going to be the most epic thing you’ll probably see this decade”.

    “The show is the biggest touring magic show on Earth.”

    QPAC Public Relations