Learning graphic illustration and design for PR professionals

    A skill that often remains a mystery to most PR and media professionals is graphic illustration and design. In the Communications industry, roles and skills are always overlapping. Journalists need to know how to operate a camera, advertisers are responsible for their own search engine optimisation (SEO) and PR agents double as stylists and media trainers  

    It’s easy to confuse being proficient in graphic design with being a visual artist. The experts at Adoni Media says graphic design isn’t necessarily about creating a virtual masterpiece. Its being able to represent key messages, brand identity or news story visually, as an extension of the written and verbal communication process. 

    Learning graphic illustration and design for PR professionals

    Designing infographics, brand logos and business cards are all skills related to graphic design.   

    Learning graphic design will make you a better communicator  

    Being able to communicate through different mediums expands your potential to share key messages with your target audience. Visual cues are especially helpful when communicating on a global scale. Unlike textvisuals are able to transcend language and cultural barriers. 

    Pairing text or recorded images with graphics will help reinforce important information and clarify instructions. Market research shows that audiences are more likely to remember visuals over text.  Learning the elements of design, understanding colour theory and being able to choose the right font will develop your visual literacy and communication skillset.  

    Graphic design as a branding tool 

    Graphic design is an essential part of building brand identity. Logos, for example, are visual representations of a brand known as iconsBeing able to help your clients design a logo that represents their product, services and values will help promote their brand message. Think of all the biggest brands in the world, their logos have become engrained in pop culture knowledge.    

    Combining graphic design with business and communication skills will increase your employability  

    Media moves so fast in the digital era and in order to keep up, you need to adapt to a range of skills the job may require. A well-rounded skillset will help you stand out to employers and potential clients. The more you have to offer, the more likely you’ll be offered a jobBeing able to operate graphic design software and image editing programs are highly valued skills.  

    Understanding graphic design software is essential for digital communication 

    Most social media platforms are visually driven. Images and videos began replacing text on a massive scale with the invention of camera phones. Knowing how to edit an image or video, altering the format or simply re-sizing an image will come in handy when uploading your work online. Confidence with design software will save you a lot of time andrama throughout your career.