Kellogg’s change it up for Australian farmers

    Have you ever wondered how Kellogg’s became a household name? It’s all down to the Aussie farmer.

    For the better part of a century, Kellogg’s has produced some of Australia’s favourite breakfast cereals, originating with the classic Corn Flakes right through to All-Bran, Froot Loops and Special K.

    Throughout this time, more than two thirds of Kellogg’s cereals were made from more than 70% of ingredients from Aussie farmers.

    Through more recent campaigns, Kellogg’s has continued to showcase their support for Aussie farmers as they struggle through hard times by modifying their iconic packaging design.

    Our PR experts have outlined why this campaign was so impactful.

    The campaign:

    In September this year, Kellogg’s released a new packaging campaign to make a statement. This campaign saw alterations made to classic Australian cereals such as the original Corn Flakes and Rice Bubbles boxes.

    A collection of print ads displayed these cereals in a slightly differently light with the cereals itself missing. As a result, the iconic characters also shown on the boxes are pictured very distraught.

    Kellogg’s change it up for Australian farmers: PR campaign case study

    What’s this for?

    Facing years of drought and increasing supermarket prices, Australians farmers have faced a hard few years with little relief. Currently, the ABS states that approximately 26% of Australian farms produce grain with income predicted to fall by 18% this year.

    In a show of support for their suppliers, Kellogg’s launched these print ads across Australia to help raise awareness and support for Aussies farmers. By altering their packaging, the ads demonstrate to consumers the critical role farmers play in allowing everyday Aussies to buy the foods they love.

    Was it effective?

    This campaign received considerable praise by consumers for addressing the very real concerns of the farming industry. Considered a PR success by many, not only did it allow Kellogg’s to demonstrate a far more sustainable and personal part of the company but helped generate considerable awareness on social media.

    PR & Marketing Consultant Hayley Goodlich thinks the execution of the campaign was a unique and creative way to bring attention to a serious matter.

    “If you want a campaign to stand out and really get your message across, it’s important to think outside the box. This Kellogg’s campaign did just that,” Hayley said.

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