Importance of hashtags in PR

    Social media strategies are integral to creating successful public relations (PR) campaigns. The importance of hashtags as a social media tool can make or break a campaign.

    Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all use hashtags to group together content, attracts new audiences and encourage public engagement and participation.

    Our Communications Director Clare Christensen says hashtags are an integral part of creating a successful social media campaign.

    “Though, it’s important to remember not to just add any random hashtag,” she says.

    “They need to be strategically thought out to enhance your campaign, not hinder it. Research what hashtags surround the topic you might be discussing and make sure they help convey the message you are trying to tell while reaching more people.”

    There are many types of hashtags you can use during your campaign, which can result in many media relations benefits.

    Importance of hashtags in PR

    Here is a list of different hashtags you can use to boost your campaign:

    Industry hashtags

    Industry-specific hashtags can include many broad terms, including the name of your organisation’s industry. Furthermore, your list of hashtags can also be compiled of common terms, trends, names of people and events that are all industry-related. Remember, there’s no limit on the number of hashtags you can include in your posts.

    Clare says using these types of hashtags means that you can attract an audience which is relevant and interested in your organisation.

    “This can lead to building a community-driven audience and proving your credibility and authority in your industry,” she says.

    Trending hashtags

    It’s always a good idea to follow the latest trends when it comes to hashtags. They usually only stay ‘in’ for a short period of time but can give your social media campaign a real boost.

    “While trending hashtags are good to leverage, be wary when using them as they might not always  be a good fit for your organisation,” she says.

    “Hashtags still need to be relevant to your organisation and brand or else they’ll likely confuse your current audience or worst case, associate your brand with something inappropriate.”

    Tailor-made hashtags

    Tailor-made or custom hashtags are, you guessed it, hashtags you can create yourself. These hashtags need to be on brand and can include anything, including your slogan, business name, catchphrase, movement name or event name. With these hashtags, you can think outside the box and be as creative as you’d like.

    There are many benefits to tailor-made hashtags including creating awareness of your brand, producing memorable posts and attracting other audiences to your social media profiles. Encourage your audience to use particular hashtags, so they can introduce their followers to your brand and you can see what people are posting about your company.

    Customised hashtags should be personalised and showcase who you are as a brand. Distinguish yourself from other brands and demonstrate your passion for what you do.

    It’s important not to use the same hashtags over and over – be creative and discover which hashtags are right for your brand. Hashtags can help you tick off your social media campaign goals and be very valuable to your organisation.