How to increase brand awareness after securing media coverage

How to increase brand awareness after securing media coverage

    A PR agency or media consultant worth their retainer will tell you to make the journalist’s work, work for you. So, how do you do that? The answer is use it to increase your brand awareness.

    As a media consultant, I tell my Adoni Media clients there are six simple strategies.

    1. Link it

    Showcase the media attention you’ve earned and creating a dedicated Media Page where you can provide links to stories as well as screenshots of articles.

    A Media Page shows your audience you are current and is great publicity for your brand. The added bonus is it allows you to track the hits you gain and gather valuable research data. Remember, outgoing links will help keep the article relevant for a long time – and can improve your SEO too.

    2. Post it

    Social media is essential for improving brand awareness. Post it, boost it, and get your brand seen.

    News articles provide exposure that money can’t buy so build on the momentum and share the article or video link to the story on one of the many social media platforms. For current customers and investors it’s positive reinforcement that will keep them loyal to your brand, and there is every likelihood they will share it and that can potentially be a key to growing your business.

    3. Sell it

    Making the news is a good conversation starter so give the clippings and articles to your sales team so they can share it with their clients. Good PR and media management isn’t just about helping bring in new customers, it’s about giving current stakeholders ongoing confidence and pride in the brand.

    To really help your sales team include mentions of the media coverage in your sales brochures and sales kits.

    4. Promote it

    Use “As Seen On” on your home page and across your website to show customers and investors that your business has been featured in the media.

    Utilise the credibility of these publications to your advantage. Include mentions of the coverage in brochures, posters, and other branding material.

    This then ties your brand to their brand.

    5. Blog it

    Expand on the article or story in a blog and give your audience a little extra! Provide additional information that the journalist may not have had time to include and use keywords that will help with optimisation.

    Tell a little bit more about the story behind the article and why it was so important to reach out to their particular audience.

    6. Frame it

    Great media PR campaigns are a lot of hard work so when you grab the headlines hang it in the office or the boardroom like the trophy that it is. Good media doesn’t happen by accident, so follow it up with a good media strategy and continue to spread the word.

    All these strategies will help improve your overall brand awareness and reputation.