How best to spend your end of financial year budget

How best to spend your end of financial year budget

    Why media training is a smart investment this end of financial year.

    Want publicity for your business and the confidence to talk to journalists so that you can do more in the last half of 2018 to grow your business?

    Here are five of the top reasons why business owners are beating the tax time count down and booking pre-paid Media Training ahead of the June 30 deadline.

    1. A spokesperson who commands attention

    Be the spokesperson who knows how to use their words, tone and body language to be a powerful, persuasive speaker both in public speaking and presenting to the media.

    1. Connect with your audience

    Have the skills to define and deliver the “key messages” you want your investors, customers and audience to hear in the media. Truly successful speakers know how to tailor key messages to resonate with the target audience they want to connect with – the audience they want to influence.

    1. Answer tough questions

    Journalists can ask tricky and tough questions and “no comment” is not the answer. Media Training gives you the skills to navigate difficult questions and “bridge” back to the message you want to deliver.

    1. Control media interviews

    Know your rights and how to manage journalists, their questions and mitigate the risks of speaking in a public forum.

    The advantage of Adoni Media’s training sessions is that you work with two former A Current Affair journalists including Leisa Goddard who has more than 25 years of experience asking tough questions.

    1. Understand the media and how to get publicity

    People often fear the media and as a result miss out on opportunities for positive publicity and mis-step when they find themselves in a reactive, negative media situation. Preparation and understanding what the media wants is key to protecting and promoting reputations and brands.

    Media training sessions for small groups are a half-day with C-suite executives often preferring and benefiting from one-on-one sessions.

    Will you be considering media training this end of financial year?