From our interns: Rachel Murray

    Completing my internship at Adoni has been an important part of my professional growth and development and I have loved every moment.

    I had completed a Bachelor of Communication/Arts from the University of Queensland in 2016, and after my graduation I started working as a travel agent. After a year in this role I was itching to get back to my passion for communications and public relations.

    I had previously interned at Brisbane City Council, but the first step after leaving my role as a travel agent was to gain an internship at Adoni to get some hands-on practical experience.

    This was my first experience working in a traditional public relations agency and it’s been fantastic to work on a diverse group of clients and industries.

    From our interns: Rachel Murray

    Working with the team at Adoni has been fantastic, and I have received guidance and support throughout my internship. Adoni has been a positive and supportive environment from the beginning and this helped me feel part of the team.

    Through my internship I have written media releases, articles and blogs, found industry and local publications and contacts, identified stories, attended a media call and even found some memes! I have been able to practice the skills that I learnt at university and apply them to the ‘real world’.

    The communications and public relations industry can be difficult to enter, but I have found that internships and work experience are the key to that first graduate role.

    I have enjoyed my time at Adoni, and I have now been offered my first communications role in social media.

    If you’re in your final years of study, take and create every opportunity you can to apply what you’re learning at university. I’d thoroughly recommend Adoni!