From our interns: Nicola’s experience

    Like all University students in this day and age, I knew I needed real experience in PR firms to get a job when I graduate. So, I began the hunt.

    Finding an internship is not easy. Competition for spots is high and I found many firms wanted interns that had interned at another company already.

    I also had a more difficult time because of my choice of degree. I’m studying a Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) and Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Infection and Immunity) at QUT. This choice didn’t seem to make sense to many agencies and they couldn’t see how my biomedical science studies would be an asset to my future career in PR.

    Then my friend Lucy recommended Adoni Media.

    And Adoni was different.

    Adoni could see the potential in my degree and the potential in me. They were supportive of my study choices and made sure that I was working with clients that not only let me expand my PR repertoire but also allowed me to utilise my science background.

    From our interns: Nicola’s experience

    Working at Adoni

    In my last three months here, I have become even more excited for my future.

    I barely had time to be nervous on my first day because the team got me started straight away. They didn’t micromanage me or hover, they let me complete the tasks at my own speed and checked in to see if I had any questions or needed any help.

    I have never been so comfortable in a new workplace so quickly. Everyone in the office is friendly and approachable and not once did I feel like I was unable to ask a question.

    I got to experience my first ever media call and learn so many new skills (my CV is looking pretty great).

    I improved knowledge and skills in SEO and keywords, created media and client databases, wrote media releases, did research for clients and created document summaries.

    I also had a lot of fun creating graphics for social media and writing articles styled for particular clients (shout out to Olivia for giving me the science-y articles!).

    All in all, I couldn’t recommend the Adoni internship program enough and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work here. Leisa has created an amazing company with a great culture. I was challenged and encouraged and I’m definitely sad to be leaving!