From our interns: Maddy’s experience

    My internship experience started a little differently to others. One of my lecturers at university sent around an email to our cohort titled “Leisa Goddard Excellence in Media Scholarship”. I felt compelled to open the email and learn more. At first, it felt intimidating to send in my CV and a writing piece to an award-winning firm, but on the last day of applications I thought why not give it a shot. I am now so grateful I sent in my application on the last day, as I have gained valuable industry experience and continued to build my network.

    A lot of my experience revolved around creating content for various clients and building their key words. The opportunity for constant feedback on my writing was invaluable and I have seen improvements in my university assignments.

    From our interns: Maddy’s experience

    I was also given the opportunity to give input into clients’ social media plans, schedule the content, create graphics and draft up email pitches to various outlets. I was able to learn about platforms that can assist businesses in gaining coverage such as Sourcebottle and Telum Media.

    What I learnt

    Throughout my experience I learnt many things, some of which include:

    1. ‘That’ is almost always irrelevant in a sentence
    2. Don’t be afraid to contract words – at university we are warned against this, but in the real-world you are not writing academically
    3. Get good at small talk – the job is all about building relationships with your clients and the journalists, and this is done through showing interest outside of the job at hand
    4. Spend a lot of time brainstorming the newsworthy angles to a pitch to ensure the story is picked up
    5. Read the news before coming into the office every morning

    I encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and apply for an internship, as you gain industry insights beyond what you learn in the university classroom.

    I thank the Adoni Media team for their constant support throughout my internship and making me feel like part of the team. The staff are always available to have a chat and will never miss an opportunity to have a piece of cake. The culture at Adoni Media is one I will search for in a future employer.

    I wish Adoni Media all the best as they continue to expand around the country.