From our interns: Irina’s experience

    As a second-year student completing my Bachelor of Business (Public Relations)/ Bachelor of Media and Communications degrees, and who has already completed an internship at 4ZZZ, I was ready to take on something which would give me the skills to gain a head start in the PR industry.

    I never expected to gain an internship such as this during my second year. Whilst searching through multiple internships, Adoni Media instantly caught my interest as a PR firm which would help me apply my current knowledge to a ‘real-world’ setting. As soon as I saw the opportunity pop up, there was no way I was going to say no!

    From first impressions, I knew Adoni was extremely well-established and widely recognised. But I started to delve into some research of who they were and discovered how much media work they had completed and how experienced each individual in the company was!

    From our interns: Irina’s experience

    The experiences

    Although I was only there for six weeks, this timeframe should not be underestimated; I’ve learned so much! I was able to develop new and valuable skills across all areas.

    I began my internship by writing multiple internal and external articles for clients. Over time, with great feedback from both Olivia and Clare, I noticed that my writing significantly improved from my first article to my very last. I also noticed that my completion time with these articles went from three hours to 45 minutes!

    I also had fun experimenting with new infographics, which taught me a wide range of graphic design techniques. Additionally, gaining skills and learning about SEO and backlinks helped me prioritise important information to grasp an audience’s attention.

    Hearing media jargon in the office, as well as conversations regarding media projects, was really valuable. I found contributing to these discussions and becoming involved in conversations enabled me to understand the media industry more. I also participated in a Work in Progress meeting, which gave me insight into what really goes on behind the media releases and the cameras.

    The environment

    As a young uni student who is in the midst of launching her career, I’ve looked up to the people who have worked at Adoni, learning about who they are and what they enjoy outside the office. Between the weekend tales and funny stories, they’ve been great people to work with!

    Every person is specialised in their own area and is passionate about what they do. They made me feel extremely comfortable in their working environment and gave me the opportunity to excel and improve my communication and writing skills.

    In particular, I look up to people like Leisa and Olivia, who have given me inspiration as to where I would like to end up in my own career. Their experiences in the industry, combined with their funny and lovely personalities have provided me with a sense of who I would like to be.

    I honestly couldn’t thank the Adoni team enough for the skills and opportunities they gave me. Each person was unique in their own way and all taught me different pieces of knowledge and skills. I can see myself growing into the professional I wish to be already.