From our interns: Claire’s experience

From our interns: Claire’s experience

    Interning at Adoni has led to one of the most valuable experiences of my student life. Not only did I develop my skills, I learned industry knowledge from my colleagues.

    I came to Adoni with a lot of journalism experience but without much PR experience.

    Studying a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications at The University of Queensland (UQ) provided me with the opportunity to complete an internship that would introduce me to the industry. So, I researched PR companies and found Adoni. The rest is history.

    My other experiences at numerous news and media organisations (Channel 9, 4ZZZ Radio,, the Fraser Coast Chronicle & Orange Sky), prepared me to embrace the challenging and fulling world of PR.

    Majoring in PR at UQ taught me the basics skills, but it was at Adoni I learned how to use these professionally and create great content for various clients.

    The people at Adoni were super helpful and made me feel like I was a part of the team instantly and I can’t thank them enough for this experience.

    This has led to me achieving a part-time position at Adoni as a Communications Assistant, which I couldn’t be more thrilled about.

    My Adoni Journey

    To understand why I enjoyed my time at Adoni, let’s travel back to the beginning.

    I was a starry-eyed University student only a semester away from graduating, trying to gain some industry knowledge before I stepped out into that big wide world.

    I had no real-life major PR experience but was willing to learn anything I could about the profession.

    From day one, the Adoni Media team took me in and raised me as one of their own. I learned skills in SEO, how to create media and client databases, write articles styled for clients, research, create social media content, call newsrooms, pitch ideas and so much more.

    I also learned how to create graphics for social media posts and work with programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva and Wrike.

    There was never a moment at Adoni that I felt out of place and the team always encouraged me to work my hardest and achieve great results.

    If there was ever a moment where I was unsure of what I was meant to be doing or needed some clarification, the people at Adoni were always willing to give me a hand.

    From that shy University student, I feel as though I have emerged as a confident PR professional, who can achieve anything.

    I am really excited and grateful that I can continue my journey at Adoni Media and learn more from these amazing people.

    The benefit of Adoni

    Adoni Media is an excellent organisation to learn hands-on PR skills, while also working with real clients.

    It will benefit and challenge you, so you need to be willing to learn everything that Adoni has to offer.

    Everyone treats you like an equal here and helps and teaches you with their industry knowledge and professional set of skills.

    I would recommend for anyone wanting to get their foot in the door and learn about the PR industry, to apply for an internship at Adoni. You won’t regret it.