From our interns: Chloe’s experience

    As I entered the final year of my Bachelor of Journalism (minoring in Public Relations) I was very eager to gain experience within a real-world setting and expand my knowledge about the PR industry.  

    As soon as I found out Adoni Media was hiring interns, I knew it was the place I wanted to work. Adoni Media placed a big emphasis on its team being full of ex-journos with extensive knowledge of the PR and journalism worlds. This PR-journalism crossover could not have been a better fit with my degree, and I could not wait to learn from the industry professionals.  

    From our interns: Chloe’s experience

    The experiences  

    On my first day I had the opportunity to sit in on a Sales Work in Progress (WIP) and an office specific WIP. This really set the pace for my internship and reaffirmed I was going to be learning from some of the best in the business.   

    After I was familiarised with the office, I dove into writing internal and external articles for multiple clientsshotlisting and creating graphics through Canva. The constant feedback on my writing has been invaluable and I have noticed an immense improvement in my writing skills.   

    The highlight of my internship was attending a media call with Clare and Lexi at the University of Queensland. It was so fun to get out of the office and gain an insight into what its like to work in the field. I learnt so much from watching Clare and Lexi conduct interviews and gather footage, and I am so grateful they took the time to share pointers and industry tips during the day.  

    The team  

    The people at Adoni Media are what makes the company so great. I feel so privileged to have worked alongside so many knowledgeable, industry professionals who never seemed too busy to give advice or lend a hand.  

    I was also lucky enough to have my internship fall on ‘schnack Wednesdays’ which meant I was always treated to yummy snacks when I was at the office! 

    I am so grateful to Leisa and the Adoni Media team for giving me this opportunity and for helping me grow as a young professional in the PR industry.  

    Also, a shout out to Hayley and Lexi who were amazing with providing feedback, being a constant source of entertainment and for really making me feel a part of the team!  

    I honestly could not speak highly enough of my experience at Adoni Media and would really recommend this internship for any students seeking to gain knowledge about the journalism, media and public relations industries.