From our Interns: Alex’s experience

    I had recently graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism with a Public Relations minor when I realised my passion.

    I had a passion for Public Relations, but I still enjoyed the idea of putting my journalism skills to good use.

    When I started to research Public Relations firms, I was most interested in Adoni because there were so many popular ex-journos. I was excited to learn from professionals who had experience under their belts.

    From our Interns: Alex’s experience

    The experience

    Once I was welcomed into the office, I was ready to get some real-world experience. I was given a workbook that helped establish the writing styles, clients, and tasks I’d be working with and on over the course of my internship.

    This experience has given me so much writing experience. From writing internal and external blog articles for multiple clients to creating media releases from scratch.

    I received detailed feedback on every article I wrote. These changes helped me to grow as a writer and I am very grateful to the team for taking time out of their day to check on my work.

    The team

    What makes Adoni is the team.

    They are all wonderful people who will guide you in any way you need. Even after COVID-19, I was able to finish off my internship with them.

    I am thankful to Leisa and the Adoni Media team for having me in the office to learn more about the industry.

    I highly recommend this internship to any student that is studying Public Relations or a Communications degree. I have gained immense knowledge from my time spent here.