Client Feature: Everydayhero

Client Feature: Everydayhero

    With an audience reach of almost 620,000 in just three months, Everydayhero has climbed new media heights like it’s never seen before.

    Adoni Media has worked tirelessly alongside Everydayhero to increase media attention and subsequently has grown brand recognition for the organisation.

    Everydayhero is an online platform which connects more than 5,600 charities from all over Australia and New Zealand.

    Everydayhero is now the go-to online platform for charities with more people making inquiries and wanting to collaborate than ever.

    What was achieved

    With a large focus on high value, Everydayhero has received coverage from across all four mediums – radio, print, television and digital media.

    With most stories reaching an audience of around 30,000 people, Everyday Hero’s brand continues quickly to grow. Building brand recognition means they can go further and help more people who really need it.

    Over 3,800,000 people have chosen to use Everydayhero to support their charities and are showcased individually for their unique efforts to help many different people.

    Before partnering with Adoni Media, Everydayhero still received media coverage. However, they struggled to attract radio and television media.

    Now, Adoni Media has helped the organisation to receive big named media broadcasters form all over Australia.

    This has included Everydayhero being featured on numerous Australian television networks include 7 News, Win News, National Nine News, ABC News, TEN Eyewitness News, NBN News and Prime Local News.

    How we prepared them for media

    To be interview ready, Everydayhero also participated in Adoni Media’s expert media training.

    Through the use of on-camera training and learning the tricks and tips of journalism, Everyday Hero’s spokespeople and executives are now prepared and are able to work well with the media.

    This is an example that companies like Everydayhero can indeed grow in the public eye, thanks to the efforts by Adoni Media.