20 July, 2020     Posted in: Content Marketing, Newslink, Public Relations


Want to know how to write an article? Here are three tips on writing successful content that will drive traffic to your website and build strong SEO.

To make blog articles, and importantly, the time you invest in writing them worthwhile, you should be posting them across multiple platforms. 

A successful blog is measured by more than likes and shares. A successful blog is a powerful tool that can help drive traffic to your website and assist with building strong SEO so that customers and clients can find you ahead of competitors. To find out ways to source content click here.

Remember your audience when writing your blog

You’ve selected a subject or issue now the next most important question to ask yourself is “who is going to be reading your blog?”. 

In media training we teach clients who are doing interviews to speak to their audience and with blog writing it is important that you write in a voice that will connect with your audience. 

How you write can depend on where you post

Each digital platform, whether it’s your website, your social media or a blog article you’re pitching to an online publication, can have a different target demographic. On LinkedIn you can be more business focussed but on Facebook the tone and language may be more conversational. 

As part of our corporate communications strategy at Adoni Media we spend a lot of time analysing data and researching so that we can help clients map out a content plan that speaks to particular audiences. 

The top three places to post your blog and the target audience:

Timing also matters 

Know when your audience is most active on social media. Again, it’s why having experts who can break down your Google and Facebook analytics is so important. 

The other key to success is to be consistent 

It’s hard when you’re busy with the day to day management of your business but have a schedule of topics and times. As a journalist and as someone who works in PR I know setting yourself a deadline works!