Public Relations

Every business and, every business person, has a story. Great Public Relations is about telling that story and knowing how to promote, as well as protect, reputations across every aspect of public life. It's why Leisa Goddard created Adoni Media and why her team includes experts in media, PR, digital strategy, advertising, corporate communications and crisis management.

At Adoni Media we look at PR through the eyes of  a journalist.

We understand how journalists think, operate and what they need to make a story – it’s why our clients achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity across TV, radio, print and online.  Leisa Goddard knows how to pitch a story and prepare you for the types of questions you’re likely to be asked and that insight is invaluable, particularly in a time of crisis.

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How to get publicity

PR, to us, is about using our experience to give you the advantage. We work with you to create campaigns to strengthen your credibility, develop goodwill and influence consumer and stakeholder behaviour while our digital team help you maximise the coverage across social media.

Good publicity campaigns are about understanding the client and the news cycle.

Our goal at Adoni Media is to capitalise on good publicity campaigns to get the maximum attention online and across traditional media:

Our experience, and Leisa’s reputation, has clients from around Australia working with her and Adoni Media teams in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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