1 June, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

What’s the role of a commentator?


The role of a commentator is to provide additional information, inside knowledge, and not surprisingly, commentary, about current events. They’re not limited to politics but can discuss all manner of things – celebrities, popular culture, sports, finance, real estate, the list goes on.

Commentating can show off your skills and knowledge of an industry, as well as your personality – but you must be able to connect and engage with an audience.

As a commentator, you need to be able to use data and previous experiences to draw new conclusions and being brave enough to predict possible impacts or changes that may occur to your industry.

Commentators must also be able to provide analysis on intricate and complex matters and when appropriate, offer advice.

By becoming a “go-to” person for the media, you can establish yourself as a commentator, and for your own brand and your company’s, that exposure is invaluable.

How to be a good commentator:

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