PJ Madam

Host / Executive Producer

PJ Madam is a United Nations award-winning reporter, documentary producer, writer, news anchor and filmmaker. Her latest transition into filmmaking was for global streaming giant, Netflix.


Instagram: @pjmadam

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petajanemadam/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pjmadam

Website: https://wildmanfilms.com/

Peta-Jane ‘PJ’ Madam was born and raised in Mackay North Queensland – the daughter of a mixed race, mixed culture and mixed religious family. At University, she studied government and communications where her love of politics took her to Parliament House, working as the youngest chamber attendant in the state’s history.

PJ then completed a Diploma in Business and Public Relations while working as an Assistant Media Adviser for a State Minister. Not content with having spent now 5 years at University, PJ then enrolled in Journalism, finally graduating in 2004.

That same year, she won a coveted national cadetship with the Nine Network in Sydney. As a reporter and producer, she spent years on the road covering stories along with producing and lining up daily bulletins. In 2008 she made the move to the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), where she worked as a reporter, producer and nightly news anchor for World News Australia. While there, PJ won a Mackellar Award for a 7-part series she hosted and produced about Australia’s emerging food crisis.

PJ was then poached by the Seven Network to be a reporter on Sunday Night travelling the globe covering hard-hitting exclusives, social stories and interviewing people from all walks of life, from terrorists to celebrities such as the late Jerry Lewis, David Frost, and Florence Henderson and Robbie Williams, One Direction, Meghan Trainor, Creedence Clear Water Revival and Jon Bon Jovi. She also anchored the news for the highest rating breakfast show Weekend Sunrise. In 2017, she won a United Nation’s Media Award for an investigation into sexual assault on campus across Australian universities – the first investigation of its kind in the country.

PJ’s surprising new love is documentary production. Together with her partner Tim Noonan, they established a production company, Wildman Films in 2016. Their first commission was an Unscripted Original series for Netflix called Extreme Engagement. PJ and Tim researched, produced, filmed and starred in the 8-part series, which saw them test their relationship in different pre-marriage rituals around the world.

If PJ isn’t living out of a suitcase, she’s trying to get some decent wifi to fulfil her addiction to online shopping (which she’s ashamed to admit, she often returns. Weird). She loves boxing and entertaining for her friends. But nothing is more important to her than her family.

Since living out of a suitcase travelling to remote, tribal locations for 14 months, PJ has become fiercely passionate about issues affecting indigenous people and ethnic minorities, female empowerment and gender roles in developing countries, and spiritual growing from the power of travel and living outside your comfort zone. She doesn’t shy away from sinking her teeth into controversial issues and loves to challenge and be challenged with ideas prosecuting the status quo in life. PJ and Tim live in Hobart, Tasmania where they continue to develop new show ideas.

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